Are you still having issues finding certain products that disappeared when COVID-19 took over?

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On Monday, October 5, I still can't find Chlorox Antiseptic Wipes. What's up with that? Every time I walk into Stop & Shop or Shoprite, they are always MIA. With the coronavirus pandemic still escalating in different parts of the country, certain products are becoming hard to come by, according to Here's what experts say you should buy now to be prepared for the fall and winter:

Shelf-Stable Foods

Why is it I can't find Campbell's Tomato Bisque canned soup? Experts are saying to stock up on enough of less-essential food items like coffee, peanut butter, jelly, and Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, especially if you have young grandchildren. Beans and grains used to be in short supply in June. It couldn't hurt to buy what you need for the winter season.

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I recently wandered over to the frozen food aisle, and the frozen veggies had disappeared. Well, not all of them. There were still plenty of lima beans and cauliflower left. Frozen vegetables are like gold right now. Prices on these frozen foods have jumped up by more than 50 percent in some country parts. Stock up your freezer before it's too late.

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Cleaning Supplies and Hand Sanitizer

I should mention that getting yourselves all worked up into panic mode will not only elevate your blood pressure, but could cause a hoarding situation. Do you want to be that person? How many 16 count bundles of toilet paper do you need? Currently, the shortage of liquid hand soap and hand sanitizer doesn't appear to be an issue, but now that they're available, pick up a couple of extra bottles just in case. Remember that the flu season is just around the corner. The easy to find cleaner, Pine-Sol, was recently approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency because it was shown to kill the virus that causes COVID-19. 

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Also, on the hard-to-find list this fall and winter according to, are exercise equipment, air purifiers, and some holiday gifts.

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