So, it's officially October, so many people's favorite month. Definitely one of my favorite months, too. And yeah, fall is one reason why, but another reason why is because of Halloween. The main reason I love Halloween is because it gives me an excuse to dress my pet up. Yes, my puppy gets dressed up every year.

With that being said, why not see what everyone else's pets wear on Halloween?! That's right. We decided, let's make a pet costume contest this year exclusive to our KICKS 105.5 mobile app users only.

Since the winner is so loyal to their pet, we decided to make the prize about pampering yourself AND your pet. The winner of the KICKS 105.5 Pet Costume Contest will take home a $100 Adam Broderick Salon & Spa gift card and a $50 Agriventures Agway gift card.

Here's how to win: grab the free KICKS 105.5 mobile app and on the home screen you will see an icon that says "Pet Costume" like this:


From there, tap the "Pet Contest" button and fill out the form. On the form, you will be able to upload an adorable picture of your pet in their Halloween costume. The deadline for entries is October 18, 2020.

We will then take it to the voting rounds, where you, the listeners, will get to vote on which pet you think has the best Halloween costume. Voting rounds will start on October 19.

Whichever pet wins voting rounds will take the crown for this year's KICKS 105.5 Pet Costume Contest.

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