You know it's election season when the yard signs placed on people's lawns start to disappear.

New Milford has become the latest town to report that political yard signs have been taken from peoples property. The rash of thefts prompted New Milford's Mayor Pete Bass a statement on his Facebook page:

According to, Ridgefield is another Greater Danbury town that has also reported stolen signs. The Chairmen of the town's political committee also issued a public statement condemning the thefts, which are not limited to one candidate or one political party.

Bridgewater is another town that has fell victim of political sign theft. The co-chairs of the Republican Town Committee, Frances Kelly and Ned Bandler, and the Chairmen of the towns Democratic Committee, Tom Sperry, both issued a joint public statement:

The recent incidents of political sign theft and vandalism in Bridgewater are an attack on our democracy and the political process that both parties are pledged to support.

This behavior is a threat to the rights of all citizens to express their political beliefs and is repudiated and condemned by both major political parties. We join the First

Selectman in confirming that this activity is also criminal.

We believe that public indignation and vigilance will help discourage future incidents of this kind. We also hope that modern technology in the form of security cameras will record the identities of misguided individuals who reject the concept of free and fair election practices.

In defense of our right to express our political sentiments without fear, individual members of both major political parties join in offering a reward of $1,000 for the arrest and conviction of anyone engaged in these illegal acts.

So, at least until November 3, please keep your grubby clepto hands off those political signs, and stick to taking Splenda packets from the diner. It's not just a matter of law and order, it's a matter of politics.

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