A Hudson Valley theme park is looking for families who can ride a roller coaster multiple times to earn a very special perk for being filmed.

There are several casting calls every week looking for background extras and budding superstars right here in the Hudson Valley. Most of the time, those who are chosen get to stand around doing nothing for hours for a few bucks and the hope of being able to see themselves for a brief second on the big screen.

What is the video shoot for?

One opportunity that recently popped up looks like it could be a ton of fun and includes a special perk for those who are selected. According to Heidi Eklund Casting, LEGOLAND New York is seeking extras for filming this week. The casting agency says that the theme park is filming at the Goshen theme park on Wednesday, May 24 and Thursday, May 25. The ad doesn't say specifically say that the filming is for a commercial, so it might also be a promotional video, online content or an instructional film that runs on an endless loop in the park.

A. Boris
A. Boris

Who is eligible?

The casting call specifically seeks families and individuals 52 inches or taller. The height requirement is essential because the background actors must also be willing to ride LEGOLAND's Dragon Coaster multiple times throughout the day. It's unclear how many times you'll need to ride, but those prone to motion sickness or who won't be able to smile and look like they're having fun while riding the fast coaster over and over again should probably sit this one out.

What do the extras get paid?

Aside from getting to ride the park's best ride over and over again for free, those chosen for the role will get paid $250 in cash and will also get a huge LEGO perk. According to the casting agency, the lucky background actors will also get a Silver Annual Pass from LEGOLAND New York, allowing them to return to the theme park for the rest of the year.

How do you apply?

Those who are interested in applying can send photographs to Heidi Eklund Casting at the email address listed on the agency's recent Facebook post.

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