Tipping is already a hot-button topic for most of us. Not that we don't believe in it, rather, we don't want to have to tip simply to tip rather do it as a reward or extra thank you.

Whether you drop some money in the tip jar at your favorite coffee shop or do the traditional tipping we all do at a restaurant or hair salon, it's supposed to be on our terms, even though 20% is the social going rate.

According to the Miriam Webster Dictionary, gratuity is defined as "something given voluntarily or beyond obligation usually for some service."

What would you do if a server at a restaurant told you they wanted 20%? Do you normally do that anyway, or would that actually change your tune even if you liked the server?

To Boston's Logan International Airport we go, where a viral post on Threads is causing quite the stir. I originally saw this on the Johnny Jet website.


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What are your thoughts? Does it matter when and where it happens?

As we know from the post above by @knng_breezey, it happened to someone at Not Your Average Joe's, a restaurant in Terminal B.

The server scribbled out the the 10% and 15% options that tell you what amount of money to add to the final bill, then circled the 20% suggested gratuity amount.

While many comments are appalled at the nerve to basically demand 20% on something that's supposed to be up to the client, other comments emphasize that servers make a living on tips.

Where do you stand?

Personally, I tip based on service, and for the most part, 20% is a given. Even in this instance, I wouldn't have been insulted if the server deserved 20%.

However, if the server was lousy and this is what my receipt looked like, well, let's just say that this would add (or subtract, in this case) to their lousiness.

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