Have you ever waited 30 minutes or more at a drive-thru? It's happened more than I care to count, in Waterbury. Most of my mega-delays have happened on West Main Street.

I'll endure 20-minute waits in the drive-thru at Frankie's on Chase Ave, the food is worth it. Not so much at the McDonald's at the Brass Mill, or the Popeye's on Wolcott Street, I keep driving when they're backed up. 30 minute delays happen on West Main. I truly can't spend another moment of my life in line at the Starbucks, and especially the demon that lurks across the street.

The CVS on West Main Street was my primary for decades, that drive-thru is pure evil. Remember the counter at Robinwood Luncheonette? Shopping at A&P? 1249 West Main? CVS owns all that land, and they almost swallowed up all the local pharmacies. (Stay strong Della Pietra and Bunker Hill). Here's a rare view of the belly of the beast -


You'll never see it like this, only 1 or 2 cars. It's usually 6 or 7 cars deep, no matter what time you pull around that corner. In the morning, it's the geriatric fleet getting refills. in the afternoon, newly released patients from Waterbury Hospital, St. Mary's, and the walk-n's will be idling in front of you. In the Winter, you could kill some time watching idiots come off Exit 18 too hot and miss the Highland Ave turn. In the Summer, watch the panhandlers hit up the out-of-state license plate holders for pocket change. Most of the time you'll be counting bricks and hearing someone in front of you argue with the staff.

I don't blame the staff for the delays, they're doing their best, it's the customers. Someone trying to beat the system, or fighting about a miscommunication between their prescriber and CVS. I end up behind them, for 30 minutes.

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