Less than two weeks after New Britain's fantastic Little Poland Festival 2024, the heart of Polish cuisine in the neighborhood for more than 30 years have decided to permanently shut their doors.

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The first name that comes up when you search Polish cuisine in Connecticut is New Britain's Staropolska Restaurant. Unfortunately, according to a heartfelt message the owners of Staropolska posted to their social media account, it's all over.  Why? According to the statement, the owners are retiring, but the beginning of the end began in September 2023. A fire broke out in the basement of Staropolska Restaurant, which is located on Broad Street in New Britain. While the restaurant wasn't horribly damaged, the damage to the building's basement was extensive. The proper clean up and repair of the fire damage led to disagreements between the owners of the restaurant, and the owners of the property.

Is it becoming impossible for family-owned restaurants to afford to continue to do business in Connecticut?

The Little Poland neighborhood in New Britain will continue to be the Polish epicenter of Connecticut, even with the loss of Staropolska Restaurant. Roly Poly, Belvedere Cafe, Taste of Poland, Polmart, Euro Cafe, and Kasia Bakery are all located within a couple of blocks of each other. Bigos, Golabki, Kielbasa, and Schnitzel will still be available for those that enjoy.

It's more important than ever to support Connecticut's local, family-owned restaurants. The incredible increase in food costs has completely erased any kind of profit margin, most are operating at loss/break even. Thank you for the great meals Staropolska.

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