WOW! Mom must be extremely exhausted!

If you've never heard me talk, or write about how much I love living in the Hudson Valley before, let me explain to you why I love this area so much. We have some of the best, most giving people anywhere, FACTS! The other part of my Hudson Valley love affair is the sense of humor and creativity that so many residents have. If you don't believe me, the folks in Pawling showed it off the other day with one of the best signs I've ever seen a fire department put up in front of their firehouse.

Everett White/Facebook
Everett White/Facebook

Anyone who has driven past the sign in Pawling found it incredibly entertaining. A Facebook post celebrating the new arrival stated, "the Pawling Fire Department Ladies and Gentlemen , Boys and Girls , Children of all ages …. I give to you the Pawling Fire Districts NEW 54-45 !!!! We are beyond excited to have her home !!!!"

Here's what the new truck looks like....

Pawling 2

Yes, the new arrival is a new fire truck NOT an extremely large baby...LOL! A+ for sign creativity Pawling. Job well done!! If you spend any time driving around the greater Danbury area, or the Hudson Valley and come across any type of sign that shows off a great sense of humor, we would love to see them. When you see one, pull over and snap a quick picture, don't try to grab it while your driving...PLEASE!

Once you have one feel free to text them to us through the Wolf mobile app or you can email them to me at CJ@HUDSONVALLEYCOUNTRY.COM

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