Swimming holes are pretty majestic.

It's a part of nature that you can just automatically enjoy which I think is really cool. If you've never heard of a swimming hole, it's a place near water - generally a river, stream, creek, etc. where it is large and deep enough for people to swim in. It essentially looks like a "pool" within the water.

When you come upon one, it's always a pretty unique experience. Many people jump off the rocks, swim within the falls and just use it as their own natural pool. Swimming holes are perfect way to enjoy these heat waves we're having.

Connecticut is home to quite a few swimming holes, but one mainly stands out. The website Outdoors Wire came out with a list of the best swimming holes around the country and one Connecticut one was highlighted.

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Enders Falls in Granby is noted as Connecticut's best. It is in Enders State Forest and has beautiful waterfalls within it. Only in Your State made a comment that the epic spring may be the most beautiful in the state. They went on to say that you can stand underneath the small waterfalls for a one-of-a-kind nature massage.

Have you ever been to a swimming hole? Here's a video to get an idea of what it's like.

I have learned that Connecticut is home to a few different swimming holes, but people seem to think that Enders Falls is the best. It looks like so much fun and I may have to take a swing by Granby and see it for myself.

Of course, if you are going to one, make sure you are very careful while you are there. Slippery rocks can be very dangerous as well as how deep the water goes. Take normal precaution but also enjoy natures beauty.

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