Have you noticed that as the price of King Crab legs has skyrocketed to over $50-60 a pound, that there seems to be an invasion of boiled seafood restaurants here in Connecticut?

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I guess I noticed it when not 1, but two boiled seafood joints opened up in Waterbury over the past 2 years. Then, they started showing up in or near shopping malls. Two national seafood boil chains have also just recently opened up along the Connecticut shoreline.

Is there an insatiable lust for crawfish, Dungeness Crab, and Old Bay seasoning afoot? Did entrepreneurs suddenly realize that steamed seafood is better for you than it being coated in batter and deep fried? Look at all of these Creole/Cajun cuisine is red hot, I'm sure that has something to do with it too. Look at all of these that have opened up around Connecticut over the past couple of years.

Have You Noticed Boiled Seafood Joints Are Invading Connecticut?

If you can afford $50 a pound King Crab legs, it's a good time to live in Connecticut, seafood boil restaurants are popping up everywhere.

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