Have you ever thought about entering the world of farming?

One profession that doesn't get enough praise is farming, that's something I truly believe with every fiber of my being. And I think that if we aren't careful, we are going to run out of people that are willing to make sure that we all have the food we need to survive.

Yes, that might sound a little over the top, but think about how much the Hudson Valley has changed over the years and how many farms are no longer in business anymore. It's a little scary and I think the plan that one of our favorite local farms has is a great idea.

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Clover Brooke Farm's Great Idea

The folks over at Clover Brooke Farm in Hyde Park, New York, and Fearless Farmers have officially announced on their Facebook page that they are looking for any kids between the ages of 8 and 11 years old that might be interested in learning about farming.

There is no better way of learning to do something like learning "hands-on" and that is what the Summer Camp curriculum will give kids the chance to do. According to their website, the summer program will offer young minds to explore all aspects of farming.

Through curiosity, exploration, creative play, and hands-on lessons around the values of regenerative farming, campers will understand the complex relationships of a farm's ecosystem.


What Can You Expect to Do at Clover Brooke Farm's Summer Camp?

Prospective farmers will also learn all about the different species that are on a farm and how each of them plays a role in the farm's ecosystem. The program will also show campers all different kinds of livestock and the purpose they serve by learning what types of things each animal produce and what purpose they serve. Do they provide us with food? Are they used for land management or companionship?

The summer camp will also give campers the chance to take walks in the woods, plus they will be able to take hikes with some of the farm's animals. If this sounds like something your kids might be interested in doing, registration for the week-long camp is open now and can be completed online here.

Clover Brooke Farm is located at 175 Ruskey Lane, Hyde Park, NY.

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