Charcuterie Boards are so in right now.

Back in December, while making plans for the holidays, my cousin and I said we wanted to make these elaborate Charcuterie Boards we see on social media for the holidays. We quickly realized we had no idea what we were doing and are not nearly as talented as some of the Charcuterie Board artists across the Hudson Valley.

When Did Charcuterie Boards Get So Popular?

It feels like it happened overnight, but it seems like on every menu or any appetizer table there's always a Charcuterie Board involved. It probably has something to do with how absolutely gorgeous these meat and cheese creations are.

In 2020, Business Insider reported:

Though charcuterie first rose to prominence in 15th century France, meat-and-cheese boards have spiraled into a massive trend on social media, propelling some enthusiasts to the status of "charcuterie influencer."

Just another thing to blame on millennials, but let's be honest...we should be thanking them. Charcuteries Boards are a delicious blend of decadent savory and sweet foods. It's a flavor explosion on a wooden board.

Fresh Hudson Valley Flavor

The Hudson Valley is home to some of the freshest produces and products. Cheese, honey, fruits, and veggies that are locally grown are the perfect addition to a charcuterie board.

Local Charcuterie Influencers

Realizing that I couldn't create a beautiful charcuterie spread, I asked for some recommendations on social media and got a ton of great suggestions. There are a handful of extremely talented Charcuterie artists in the Hudson Valley who will create the perfect spread for your next get-together.

Take look at 9 super talented Charcuterie Influencers across the Hudson Valley below.

9 Hudson Valley Curated Charcuterie Boards

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