It was fun while it lasted, but sadly the Las Vegas Raiders have passed up a chance to hire New Fairfield's Rich Bisaccia as their full time Head Coach.

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Rumors have been circling the NFL with Bisaccia's name attached to several teams. On Sunday, the hot rumor was the Bears were interested in bringing him in as their Special Teams Coach, according to Fan Nation. 

Las Vegas Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs
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On Monday, the energy had switched to Jacksonville, with NBC Sports reporting Bisaccia would interview for their Head Coaching vacancy. The meeting between Bisaccia and the Jaguars reportedly took place yesterday (1/31/22).

As a fan of the Raiders, I'm honestly very disappointed but I had a feeling it would end this way. I think Bisaccia deserved the job based on the results he got from his team. In the face of constant off-field issues, Bisaccia and the Raiders won their last four games to capture a playoff spot against good competition.

During the late season stretch, Las Vegas beat the Browns, Broncos, Colts and Chargers to end the season. Each one of those teams was competing for a playoff spot at the time the Raiders beat them. Unfortunately, the Raiders lost their playoff game  26-19 but they were in it right to the end against the Bengals, who are now headed to the Super Bowl.

Bisaccia did not make blunders with play calling or time management in these games, he kept his team inspired and performing but in the end, Las Vegas thought it wasn't enough. Maybe the front office should have listened to their players who wanted Coach Bisaccia back. Here is what Raiders QB Derek Carr and Defensive End Maxx Crosby had to say of their coach. 

I hope coach Bisaccia gets a Head Coaching job, he's shown he is more than capable at coaching at this level. I just hope this doesn't come back to bite the Raiders.

In short, I like the McDaniels hire but I would have preferred Coach Bisaccia for a variety of reasons, the most important being he's from New Fairfield.

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