In case you haven't noticed, the City of Danbury has completed a full renovation of the walking and fitness trail at Rogers Park.

There was always a walking trail at Rogers Park, you would find it just past the John Perry football field, towards the end of Memorial Drive. It was just a basic trail around Rogers Park Pond, but now that old trail has been transformed.

Steven Nocera is the Director of Project Excellence for the City of Danbury, and he explained the reason for the trails renovation:

The old trail was overgrown and kind of run down, and the pond had a lot of algae as well, so it was time for a makeover. The city did a spruce up using 'open space funding,' so it wasn't coming out of tax payers' dollars. Not only did we do a complete clean up of all the overgrown vegetation, but added sprayers to the pond to keep the water moving and eliminate the algae build up. We are always happy to invest in our recreational activities so that we can keep Danbury the great place that it is.

I got a chance to hit the new trail recently to check out the new look. Let's take a tour:

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