Saturday Night Live's Chris Kattan is coming to Stamford, CT's New York Comedy Club this weekend, tonight (6/14/24) and Saturday (6/15/24) for a total of four shows. We got the opportunity to speak with the comedy legend before he got into town.

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Lou: Your characters have always been really diverse but what is constant about them seems to be your personal energy in my opinion. I'm a high-energy person and I wonder how did that shape your comedy?

Chris: "I just put it into my characters, a lot of my characters did have a lot of energy like you said. I think having energy or having whatever feeling you have you put it into your performance, into whatever character you are doing. Whether it was the Mango character of Mr. Peepers or whatever you just put it into the character. You just perform as much as you can, you kind of channel the character in a way because you're not really aware of what you're doing sometimes when you're really involved in doing your character so deeply."

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Lou: On SNL were there certain hosts that were difficult to work with or write for?

Chris: "No, nobody really difficult. I can't really say that I didn't really, people always ask me that and I can't really say. People always used to say Steven Seagal but that is before I got there. So, I don't know that is a hard question because everybody was so great you know? I remember Jamiroquai said something about the show being rubbish and that was about it." 

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Dave: When my wife found out that we were interviewing you she said would you please just give him the message that there have been only a couple of times in her life when she has actually peed her pants, one of those moments came from  your performance in Monkey Bone with Brendan Fraser. 

Chris: "Oh that is so sweet well tell her, thank her for....peeing during my performance I appreciate that!" 

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You can listen to our full interview with Chris Kattan below. Chris also opened up about growing up on a Zen retreat in California, the biggest celebrity he ever met at an SNL after-party and what inspired the characters from "A Night at the Roxbury."

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