We're really good at finding the best of something here in Connecticut. We're really known for a lot of our bests.

What I consider the best, you may not agree, but the conversation around it still causes that buzz. I'm also intrigued when these local foodies try places all over - New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, pretty much everywhere surrounding us and then find somewhere close they think is good enough to talk about.

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed when I came across a post about the best hot dogs in Connecticut and man did they look insane. Now I feel like some of these places are pretty well known sometimes, but when you don't know what the food looks like, it's helpful to see.

This was the video I passed while scrolling.

That initial picture really caught my eye and I thought this was the perfect time to see it as it's officially glizzy (hot dog) season. The Feast Kings on Instagram shouted out Super Duper Weenie calling them the best hot dog spot in Connecticut and saying their hot dogs are game changer.

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Now I am all for hot dogs in the summer. I know there's a huge debate about hot dogs - people either love them or they hate them. I am a hot dog lover. But I will be honest - can I do all of that stuff on a hot dog? Probably not. But get me to Yankee Stadium for a baseball game and I will gladly eat a plain one while sitting in my seat and watching the Yankees play.

Super Duper Weenie is located at 306 Black Rock Turnpike in Fairfield. The location of Super Duper Weenie came about in 1999 and has been award-winning and a top rated place for hot dogs ever since. If you're from Connecticut, I'm sure you've heard of it, but have you ever been?

When I see something like the hot dogs in that Instagram reel, it makes me want to take a trip down there and go try it out for myself. I know a lot of people in Connecticut have had it before, but for those that haven't but have heard of it, take a trip down. It's the season for hot dogs and I would love to know what you think.

I'll make my way there this summer and report back as well. For now, I will agree with The Feast Kings that these are the best hot dogs in Connecticut.

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