What if I told you I could make the entire State of Connecticut weep in just over 30 seconds?

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Would you believe me? Would you be willing to bet against me? In fairness, you are betting against the homework of someone else, I'm just betting on him. He goes by Nextgenbusiness on Tik-Tok and he did a breakdown of what $100,000 dollars looks like in the Nutmeg State.

Still feeling confident that you can hold back the waterworks? If you want to play, you only need to be from Connecticut and spare 37 seconds. Just watch the video and tell me how you react and feel when you're done.

@thenextgenbusiness Replying to @Tony Scaife Living on a $100,000 Salary After Taxes in Connecticut #connecticut #viral #democrat #republican #blowthisup ♬ original sound - The Next Gen Business

So? How did it go?

I think one day, I'm going to look my wife in the eyes and say "get in the car" and I won't want to take anything. I really think I'll want to walk away from every reminder that I lived here, wasting countless dollars and precious minutes.

No one loves Connecticut more than I do so it makes me sad to admit I'm thinking this way. There is class warfare taking place here on a level I'm not equipped for. Which is to say, unless you're a multi-millionaire and above, everything in Connecticut is a pointless exercise. I work too damn hard to be living this lean and I know I'm not alone.

They are begging, good, hard-working, law-abiding people to leave this state everyday. Just look around and you won't see any evidence to the contrary. For more pearls of wisdom and barrels of laughs:

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