Consumer Affairs recently conducted a study to find the best and worst states for renters in America. What they found may not come as a surprise to anyone in Connecticut who does rent. It turns out, the rental environment here in the Nutmeg State is as bad as it can get.

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First let's look at the 10 Best States For Renters:

10. Washington DC

9. Wisconsin

8. Minnesota

7. Idaho

6. Wyoming

5. North Carolina

4. Oregon

3. Iowa

2. South Dakota

1. North Dakota

The 10 Worst States for Renters in the US:

10. Michigan

9. Mississippi

8. Florida

7. New York

6. Vermont

5. California

4. Massachussettes

3. Rhode Island

2. Hawaii

1. Connecticut

The CA study goes on to say:

Connecticut is ranked lowest on this year’s list due to high costs and low rental availability. Though you might snag a good deal if you look hard enough, the median gross rental on a two-bedroom is $1,441, and the vacancy rate is 3.5%.

Residents in Connecticut have one of the highest income-to-rent ratios in the country (32%), and the state has an unemployment rate (4.7%) above the national average.

  • Median gross rent on two-bedroom: $1,441
  • Percentage of renter-occupied units built after 2000: 14.8%
  • Vacancy rate: 3.5%

I am a renter in Connecticut and I did not need a study to tell me how rock-bottom this situation is. Look, I love my landlord, she is the best I've ever had and we really appreciate her but the general situation is a mess. The cost is through the roof, the inventory is shot and our family income cannot keep up with where these prices are headed. Best of of luck to all of us #rentersarepeopletoo

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