I think I can go out on a limb and say every house has a junk drawer, right?

If your house doesn't currently have a junk drawer after reading and seeing some of the things we have below it might convince you that you need one. Honestly, I don't know how any house can operate without having that one drawer that has a little bit of everything.

We call it the junk drawer and in most households, it's located in the kitchen and is the one place where you can find just about anything. From rubber bands, band-aids to bread ties, most junk drawers are the place where we put things that we have no other place to put them.

Depending on how long you've lived in your house will say a lot about the size of your drawer. I've lived in my apartment for about three years now and my drawer is so full that anytime I need to go into it to find something, I have to wedge my hand inside of it to hold things down so I can actually get the drawer open. Yeah, it's that bad but it's the one place I know that if I need a battery or I need some tape, I know that I'll find it in there.

Before you start to scroll below to look at the 14 things we think are in every Hudson Valley junk drawer, go take a quick look or think about what's in your drawer. After looking at the items we have below, did we miss anything?

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