Connecticut Senators Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal were partially denied access at the Federal Correctional Institution on Pembroke Road in Danbury, prompting Murphy to post a public outcry about the reported conditions at the facility.

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Murphy posted this message on his social media account just after noon on Wednesday (Jan. 26):

According to Senator Murphy's post, he and Senator Blumenthal went to Danbury FCI this morning to view conditions at the prison during a reported massive outbreak of Covid. Murphy said that they were denied access to the female portion of the facility, but gained access into the men's unit after a bit of a struggle.

Murphy then praises the warden of Danbury FCI, and said that his guess is that the decision to limit the Senator's access came from someone who oversaw the warden's responsibilities.

Murphy goes on to state that he has heard reports that 40% of Danbury FCI's inmates are either in isolation or quarantine, the facility is severely understaffed, and this situation poses a major risk to both the staff and inmates.

Murphy then goes on to question the Bureau of Prisons, and why the BOP hasn't instituted faster Covid testing times within the dense inmate population.

Murphy then closes his statement with "So many questions that need to be answered".

This is just the latest incident concerning the severe understaffing, and overcrowding of inmates at the Facility. Earlier last month, a billboard went up along Rt. 37 in Danbury warning the public about understaffing at Danbury FCI, and we spoke with a representative from AFG Local 1661 to further explain the situation.

The Danbury Federal Correctional Institute was opened in 1940, it's a Low-security facility that has a reported population of just under 800 inmates. It's housed some famous inmates over the years, including Leona Helmsley, Sun Myung Moon, Theresa Giudice, and it was the inspiration behind Piper Kerman's Orange is the New Black.

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