One four-letter word has been hurled at me with a vicious vengeance the last day or so, and as I've taken it the best I can, hearing JERK, JERK, JERK has cut me deep, but I'm willing to admit when I'm wrong.

Yesterday, I shared a situation that happened to me while I got gas at the Shell gas station on Myers Corners Road in Wappinger's Falls. Long story short, I filled up my truck with gas and when I was done pumping, I left my car and went into the store to grab something. When I came back out, a lady started to scream at me for holding everyone up.

Many Hudson Valley residents shared their displeasure with my actions online. Kent from Newburgh texted us, "CJ, you left your vehicle at the pump, yeah, you're an a--hole!" Frank in Hyde Park said, "I absolutely would have also lit you up! Get your gas and go park!" Cathy left a comment on our Facebook page saying, "I can not stand when people do that. Others need the pump too. Who’s to say you don’t get held up in the store for some reason. Think of others, move the car!"

After trying to defend my pumping etiquette, I have come to the conclusion that I was wrong, and to fully admit my wrongdoing, I've prepared this statement to hopefully put this to rest.

In light of recent events and the spreading of misinformation and fake news, I felt the responsible thing to do was to publicly put the Am I A Jerk debate to rest. I shared my story yesterday about my behavior while pumping gas in Wappingers Falls. I've spent the last 24 hours defending myself, while also reflecting on my behavior. Yes, I acted inappropriately and Yes I am a jerk! Let me repeat it, I AM A JERK! I would like to say I'm sorry and thank you to my friends and family for standing by me in this difficult time. Let me end with saying this, listen carefully, I CJ promise from this day forward to approach pumping gas in an appropriate manner. I will never ever pump, leave and shop again. I ask everyone to follow my lead and from now on please PUMP, PARK, and SHOP. #pumpparkshop #pps. Good day and God Speed!

Please spread the word far and wide! PUMP PARK SHOP!!!!

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