While I was doing my research about the neighborhood that I recently moved to in Torrington, I took the time to check out the area using the State of Connecticut's Sex Offender Registry.

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I was relieved to see that there were no registered offenders near our new place. Connecticut's online Registry for Sex Offenders is a powerful tool that has been available to the public for free online since 1998.

What if you would like to know if there have been other crimes committed near your home? Not of a sexual nature, but an assault, a home broken into, a vehicle stolen from a driveway? Not as easy to find, right? Well for Danbury residents, that type of information is now just a click away.

The City of Danbury Police Department has just announced on their social media that they've partnered up with a corporation that sells data analytics and databases, LexisNexis, to offer their Community Crime Map for Danbury residents to get a better idea of the crime activity near their residences. They did this so you can make informed decisions on how to stay safe.

Here's a screen shot of Danbury from the interactive map on communitycrimemap.com from just a moment ago that shows recent larcenies, stolen vehicles, assaults, burglaries, robberies, motor vehicle thefts and more.


I've zoomed in on the immediate downtown Danbury area to show you that there were way more than I had initially thought there might be. When you click on one of the incidents, it gives you the type of crime, where and when it happened, and redacted addresses. It also allows you to anonymously report a complaint.

Danbury Police also announced the launch of their implementation of an anonymous tip software called Tip411, which will allow you to report information about an incident directly from a map using the software.

Both are powerful programs that are the same technology used by law enforcement to analyze and interpret crime activity. Do your research before you make a move.

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