If your lease is up or you're considering a move into Danbury, you're probably about to have a panic attack, right? Jeez, rent has gone up, it's beyond the "TOO DAMN HIGH" stage and gone right to "well, maybe we could afford Naugatuck?"

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I was just in this situation, the apartment we were renting in Waterbury went up $400 in two years, so I moved out and found a beautiful condo that I now own. It took us over a year to land it, we got supremely lucky. Good luck finding a room for rent or someone that needs a roommate, those categories are even more scarce. If you can afford $15,000-20,000 a year for rent, I took a spin through Zillow and I found that there are 10 apartments for rent in Danbury that fall between $1000 and $2,000 a month. Here they are:

The 10 Cheapest Apartments Currently For Rent in Danbury

If you're looking for something under $1,000 a month, may I suggest Naugatuck? If your budget is between $1,300-$1,999, there are 10 places that are within your budget in Danbury, here they are, and I suggest you move fast.

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