I'm not sure what happened over the last few years but don't we still live in New York?

Here we sit the morning after a "significant" snowstorm and I'm wondering why so many people define a snowstorm so differently. If you are reading this in a location in the Hudson Valley that got snow yesterday, would you define the amount you got as significant?

Outside of my apartment in Poughkeepsie, we got somewhere around two inches, and when I started to tell Jess on our radio show that I didn't think it was anything significant she strongly disagreed saying, "any snow is significant to me, anything over an inch". WHAT??? She went on to explain that any snow to her is significant because she hates it so much. I get that but really, how much snow do we need to get for you to call it a significant snowstorm?


Definition of Significant Snow

I would never call myself an expert but living in New York my whole life I would say I do have winter experience in the Hudson Valley and with that experience, I would call any snow accumulation over 6 inches significant. Less than 6 inches is just annoying, not significant, right? Vinny in Saugerties texted us, "2 inches or more is significant for this time of year." Marty in Sherman, CT texted, "Significant is when you have to shovel to get out of your driveway."

I will say that I'm hopeful that we won't see any more snow, significant or not this winter as spring is right around the corner(turn your clocks ahead this weekend) just be aware we are seeing reports that we could get over 6 inches this weekend.....LOL!

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