The state of Connecticut has some good news for those who are self-employed, and have not been able to work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the Connecticut Department of Labor, the state has activated the filing site for those who are self-employed so they can complete the filing application for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance.

If you fit the criteria, and would like to apply, you can visit their website at For those who are self-employed, an independent contractor, or "gig" worker, and have already applied through the normal unemployment system, and if you have received a determination notice in the mail, you can now submit your application.

More then 38,000 of those who are self-employed in the state have already completed step one of this two step process. Because many of those individuals have already applied through the state's regular unemployment system, this new PUA site will have a record of your benefit eligibility status. Once you enter the new site, you will have to create an account with the vital information that will be needed to get your assistance.

Federal guidelines, already set forth, will allow you to go back to February 2, 2020 as a date that the COVID-19 Pandemic impacted your employment status. The system will also require applicants to provide weekly earnings through the week that they are filling.

For more information please visit the website listed above, there will be no telephone assistance available for unemployment claims.
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