Here we are in the dog days of summer so what better way to celebrate Feline Friday than with cats eating ice cream? It seems as though, even though our bodies are very, very different, cats seem to react to some things just like humans.

Oh the dreaded "Brain Freeze!" You know the feeling. You dive into your favorite frozen treat a little too fast and WHAM! Your hand goes right up to your head and you experience a pain that is so hard to describe, nevermind understand.

This is one of those things that I researched and then got bored as I continued to read all of the medical terminology. I just want to know why, not how, so, I did the next thing that popped into my head: does this happen to cats too?

Turns out that yes it does. Just like us, there is no harm done, but try explaining that to Mr. Meow while he is in full brain freeze mode. MEOWCH!

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