This is the case of one thing leads to another when you’re involved with crack cocaine, you don’t check your pockets, and you mess with the "Boys in Blue."

Earlier this month, Danbury Police responded to a report of an automobile accident on West Wooster Street near Division. A news release says that witnesses saw a Subaru traveling East on West Wooster Street, which struck a building after crossing the lanes.

Witnesses told police that after the Subaru crashed into the Pio Pio Restaurant, a man wearing a white shirt and red shorts got out of the vehicle and fled the scene. Witnesses identified the man as Calvin Ward, age 38, of Danbury.

Police say that after fleeing the scene on foot, Ward allegedly called Brookfield Police Department to report the Subaru had been stolen. The report says that at that point, he showed up in the lobby of Danbury Police Department and began swearing at police.

According to Danbury Police, Ward was then charged with Breach of Peace, Interfering With Police Duties, Evading Responsibility, Fail to Drive Right. Police say that as they processed his arrest, allegedly Ward was carrying crack cocaine on him. This added Possession Of Crack and Possession Of Narcotics With Intent to Sell to his arrest record.

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