How will you spend the eclipse? The great thing about the internet and social media is that it makes the world that much bigger and that much smaller. I have a friend who lives in Hiawassee, Georgia. While the Northeast will experience a "partial eclipse", my friend Susanne will get a lot more than that. She told me:

My home town Hiawassee is in the direct path of the eclipse! I have gotten robo calls from the county commissioner to stock up supplies due to the intense traffic to this area. Total Gridlock! Sightseers are going to park in any spot they can find! And did I mention the PARTIES!! The ONE Supermarket in town has advised locals to shop early because they are afraid tthe selves are going to be empty-like when a blizzard hits! OH WHAT FUN!!

Remember to practice caution at the time of the eclipse. Click here for more details and safety tips for Monday's eclipse: 

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