According to the lunar calendar, tonight's full moon is called "The Pink Moon". What does that mean? Will it really be pink?

As I clicked around looking for anything I could get my google on, I found this article at that explains it in real simple detail. I like simple.

Who has the time or patience to read through an entire article about why the moon is there and how it interacts with the stars and how we are just a microcosm in this vast universe?

The article explains the reason it is called a "pink" moon is because it is the first full moon of the spring season and spring is the time for flowers and pink-ness, if you will.

If you happen to be caught between the moon and New York City you will see the moon start to rise at 8:01 pm. In New Jersey you can expect to see it a minute later and if you're further south in Pennsylvania, head to a window around 8:05 pm.

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