My favorite movie of all time is Moonstruck. I can't even start to count how many times that I have possibly watched it. Everything about this movie is perfect. The scenery, the sets, the acting, the actors themselves. Cher won the Oscar for her performance, and wow, did she pull off being a 38-year-old italian girl living with her parents after her husband gets hit by a bus.

Sounds brutal, I know, but this movie has everything from romance to comedy to just plain awesomeness. I have never enjoyed watching a movie more. There is a lot that I relate to but there is also a lot that does not compare to my life growing up but that didn't stop me from naming one of my cats "Cosmo's Moon".

Tonight, as we get ready to bask in the glow of a pink full moon, of course I am Moonstruck again. I do have a favorite scene but there are so many great clips and since we're talking about the glow of "la bella luna" I wanted to share this scene with you.

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