A small earthquake rocked the area on Monday evening shaking things up in Dutchess County, not far from the Connecticut and New York Border.

The Earthquake, which only measured 1.3 on the Richter Scale and occurred eight miles down, probably went almost unnoticed, however the folks at the USGS National Earthquake Information Center are asking for your help if you felt anything.

According to patch.com, the epicenter of the quake was approximately a mile-and-a-half north-northwest of Holmes, three miles west-southwest of Pawling, and fourteen miles northwest of Danbury.

The part of the area were the earthquake occurred is at the north end of the Ramapo Fault, the same fault that intersects with another active fault near the Indian Point Power Plant.

Earthquakes of this size and even stronger usually happen every 2-3 years, and are very rarely felt. Most people attribute any shaking to a truck passing by or something in the house turning on, like a furnace. That's why officials are asking anyone who thinks they felt anything strange at around 6:35 pm Monday evening to contact them so they can map the impact area.

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