It seems that shopping for me has gotten a little more complicated.

Most of us have a favorite store to shop at. I'm not sure what it is but there are a handful of stores that I actually enjoy spending a few hours simply walking around. I enjoy shopping and people-watching at Walmart, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls, all great stores, but there is one store that I really LOVE shopping at, and that's Target at the Poughkeepsie Galleria.

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Google Maps

Target in Poughkeepsie

I don't know what it is about Target but I really do love walking around all the different departments, I call it one of life's simple pleasures...LOL! Well, it looks like my love of shopping at Target has officially taken a complicated turn. You see my 16-year-old daughter has entered the part-time job world and has recently been hired to work at Target. As a parent, I'm proud of her for getting a job, but just like her summer job at Splashdown Beach Waterpark in Fishkill, her employment has now affected me!

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Google Maps

Banned From Splashdown

Earlier this year I told you that after my daughter was hired to be a lifeguard at Splashdown, she informed me that I wasn't allowed to "play" there while she was working. I think I told her that I was going to pretend I needed help so she could rescue me. Of course, I was joking but did stand by my word and didn't go to the park at all while she was working.


Banned from Target

Fast forward to her getting this job at Target, as soon as she got her start date the first thing she said to me is that she would "like" it if I don't shop at the store while she is on the clock. "WHAT!! Since when does where you work dictate where I can go", I said. She responded, "you did it for me at Splashdown so please do the same with Target". UGH!! Since when did parents become so embarrassing...LOL! I think I'm sort of cool dad but I guess not...LOL!

I told her that I would agree to stay away while she was working, with one small stipulation. I told her that when I need things from Target, I will make her a list and she will be required to get everything on the list for me and use her employee discount when paying for everything. Sounds fair, right?

Does anyone else have kids who don't what you to go where they work? Let us know!

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