County Executive Sue Serino presented car keys to seven recipients who completed a special program.

Most of us take having a reliable vehicle for granted, It's really a blessing to be able to wake up, start your car and head to work with no issues. Not everyone in this world is so lucky and has that luxury...

Not having a vehicle for one day can make it difficult to get to work, but not having one at all can create a pretty big challenge to get and maintain employment. One Hudson Valley program helped residents achieve something really special that will help them with their future.

What is the "Way to Work" Employment Empowerment Program in Dutchess County?

This program is a partnership between Dutchess County's Department of Community & Family Services and the Dutchess County Workforce Investment Board and it helps residents while addressing transportation issues they might have,

The people who participate in the program earn a gently used vehicle to help them keep and develop employment and all that goes with it like getting more hours at their job, the potential to increase their wages, assistance with childcare like being able to take their kids to and from school and more.

Recently, Dutchess County Executive Sue Serino presented seven individuals who has been in the. program with keys to gently used vehicles, how amazing is that?


Dutchess County Executive Serino said,

"For parents to be successful and raise healthy families, reliable transportation is key – whether it’s to get to and from work, to take their children to medical appointments or to other school or family commitments. Each of today’s seven recipients have earned the vehicle they’ll drive away in. They have each invested time and effort to the commitment of making a better life for their families and themselves. Dutchess County is proud to give these families an opportunity to flourish.”

"Way to Work" is dedicated to empowering individuals in the program and we are very fortunate to have the program here in the Hudson Valley.

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