Beacon New York sits on the East shore of the Hudson River about 72 miles north of New York City. When I was growing up Beacon was the city where you caught the train to New York City. At that time there was no ferry from Newbugh so you got to the train by crossing the Newburgh-Beacon bridge and you parked in a dirt parking lot.

Fast forward to the present day and Beacon is a destination with museums, shopping, food, and eco-tourism. Beacon has become a city people want to live in and visit. Its history is rich and it offers a great day trip or even a weekend getaway.

Places to Shop in Beacon, New York

Up and down the main street in Beacon you will find an amazing selection of shops. The Black Bird Attic is a consignment boutique with a well-curated mix of reasonably priced modern, vintage, and designer clothes. In the summer Sundays are all about the Beacon Flea Market outdoors at Henry and South Chesnut street.

Blackbird Attic via Facebook
Blackbird Attic via Facebook

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There is also the Solstad House a unique mercantile and general store located at 488 Main Street, you can stop in at Notions N Potions at 175 Main Street. They are an enlightened gift shop with Witch Hazel a natural Apothecary directly across the street.

Places to Eat in Beacon, New York

There is no shortage of places to eat in Beacon. Next to shopping, I would say restaurants are the other type of business that has put Beacon on the map. Places like Cafe Amarcord with its fresh pasta or Max's on Main at 246 Main Street which boasts to be Beacon's Oldest Bar.


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Max's dishes with their unique names have to be on your Beacon Food List. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes along with Steak, Rattle, & Quake are just a few of the specials that Max's has cooked up for this week. Check Max's Facebook for specials the week you plan to visit. Carter's in Beacon is a great food spot for fresh flavorful ingredients in a setting of modern, comfortable furnishings.

Places to Visit in Beacon, New York

If you are looking for fun in Beacon you have a lot of choices. It has an award-winning arcade that has live entertainment and a bar, Distict Social is a place for the whole family plus a great night out with friends. For a more cultural trip consider visiting the DIA Beacon. This amazing constellation of art with twelve locations has a spot at 3 Beekman Street in Beacon.

District Social Beacon, Hudson Valley Entertainment
Canva / The Wolf / District Social - Beacon via Facebook

If you are looking to hike Beacon has some of the most sought-after trails including a hike to the top of Mount Beacon which used to have a ski sloop. The ski sloop is gone, and so is the hotel and casino but there is a pretty cool micro wedding venue if you know someone looking for a breathtaking view that has a 50 and under guest list, Lamb's Hill could be the spot.

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Beacon, NY

This is only the tip of the iceberg for what this little city along the Hudson River has to offer, The best way to discover Beacon is to visit and travel Main Street from one end to the other. Find out more about visiting Beacon New York from a travel authority

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Touring Beacon, New York

Beacon, New York has become a destination for both Hudson Valley residents and tourists. The choices for recreation, shopping, and dining are endless. The Beacon Flea Market along with boutique shops and tasty restaurants have made Beacon a great place to land for a weekend in the Hudson Valley. This is just a sample of what awaits you in this town along the Hudson River in Dutchess County.

Gallery Credit: Paty Quyn

Lambs Hill Wedding Venue Beacon, New York

A breathtaking place to get married in the Hudson Valley. Lambs Hil is a Mirco Weeding Venue tucked on the edge of Mount Beacon.

Gallery Credit: Paty Quyn

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