After years of asking, the Ulster County town of Gardiner is finally getting light at one of the area's most dangerous intersections.

The intersection of Route 44/55 and Bruynswick Road in Gardiner has seen its fair share of car accidents over the years. According to Brian Stiscia, Gardiner's town highway superintendent, he sees around 12 accidents a month at the intersection, and he thinks adding a traffic light will hopefully bring those numbers down and save lives.

Commenting on the highly traveled intersection, Stiscia told Spectrum News, "There’s been accidents here that I was aware of growing up, and yes, there were fatals here." One of those fatal accidents, unfortunately, took the life of one member of the Gardiner Fire Department last Father's Day.

Route 44/55 Google Maps
Route 44/55 Google Maps

Stiscia said, "One of our members passed away here, at this intersection, and it really took, I think, that fatality, that incident, to understand this has got to stop. There are people losing their lives here."

Town supervisor Marybeth Majestic, along with other town leaders, recently talked with the New York State Department of Transportation to express their concerns and explain the need for a traffic light at the intersection.

Those talks have equaled results as Majestic, has announced that by spring of 2022, the intersection will have flashing yellow caution lights. Those lights will hopefully alert drivers to slow down through the intersection. Those flashing yellow lights will become a full stop traffic light by spring of the following year, 2023.

Stiscia is glad that changes are coming soon, "We’ve dealt with people here, we’ve had accidents here, numerous, but the hardest thing is one of our members. That, I think, really didn’t have to lose his life here."

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