Is this the best or the worst pick-up line you've ever heard?

You never really know when you are going to hear something that makes you laugh out loud, and when it happens to me I need to share it with you.

I was out over the weekend for my birthday dinner at a restaurant/bar in Poughkeepsie, and after we got seated at our table, I decided to go up to the bar for drinks for everyone instead of waiting for the waitress.

The place was packed, so I thought instead of sitting and complaining about how long everything was taking, I would go up and grab them at the bar. As I got to the bar, I wedged myself in between two people that were sitting at the bar. There was a lady with friends on my right, on my left was a lady who looked like she was alone. As I was waiting to place my order with the bartender, a guy walked up and dropped a pick-up line on this lady that I've never heard before.

Best/Worst Pick-up Line Ever Heard

This is exactly what happened...The guy walked up and once he got to this young lady, he asked her, "Do you like bagels?" She sat there for a minute and responded "Ummm sure" he looked at her at said, "because you are BAE- GOALS!" She waited a minute and started laughing. As I walked away I had no idea what the heck BAE-GOALS even means???

When I got back to my table I asked everyone and they explained it to me, BAE is an acronym for "Before...Anyone...Else". OK, that makes sense but is that a good pick-up line? It looked like it worked for the guy because they were still at the bar together when we all left the restaurant.

If you are a single lady in the Hudson Valley would this line work on you? Would you call it the best or worst line you've ever heard? Call or text us!

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