Firefighters from the Hudson Valley had to make a daring rescue after a woman fell 50 feet off a cliff at a popular swimming hole where a teen recently died.

The Kingston Fire Department responded to a report of a woman who needed to be rescued after a major fall at a popular swimming hole.

Officials had to make a fearless rescue in an area of Fawn's Leap where there's been a number of incidents this summer, including a teen who drowned. 

Woman Falls 50 Feet In Kingston, New York

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Woman Rescued After 50-Foot Fall At Fawn's Leap In Ulster County, New York

The woman was quickly secured in a harness and then crews began working on raising the patient up the cliff.

"Due to the fact that responders were working on a hillside made raising the patient especially difficult," the Kingston Fire Department added in a press release

Woman Suffers Only Minor Injuries

City of Kingston Fire Department
City of Kingston Fire Department

After a period of time, the woman was brought all the way up. She was able to walk on her own to a waiting ambulance.

The woman managed to escape the 50-foot fall with only minor injuries, according to the fire department.

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After the woman was brought up to safety officials repeated the process to bring up the original person who went down to try and help the woman.

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