A South Salem, New York wildlife conservation center is mourning the loss of one of its pack.

The Wolf Conservation Center Inspiring a Global Community

South Salem New York is home to The Wolf Conservation Center whose main mission is to "advance the survival of wolves by inspiring a global community through education, advocacy, research, and recovery."

The Wolf Conservation Center is home to a handful of wolves like the Red Wolf. As of January 2024, according to their website, there is a single wild population of Red Wolves made up of only "13 known individuals."

There are over 20 different wolves that call the South Salem, New York Conservation Center home including Red Wolves and Mexican Gray Wolves.

Sadly, a popular Red Wolf passed away last month.

Wolf Conservation Center Mourns the Loss of Moose

Last week, The Wolf Conservation Center announced the passing of a "larger-than-life" wolf named Moose.

On Facebook they write "It's with heavy hearts that we share the news of red wolf Moose's passing; he was almost 14 years old."

They explain that Moose was born at the Wolf Conservation Center back in 2010 and there was a lot of buzz about his arrival. That buzz continued throughout Moose' life adding:

We witnessed him find love with Salty (a spitfire in her own right) and were privileged to watch him navigate life as a new father.

They go on to write:

We watched him find love again, have more children, and continued to marvel at his larger-than-life presence (literally - he was a huge red wolf!).

You can read all about Moose' life at the Wolf Conservation Center Facebook page. If you're interested in donating or learning more about the Wolf Conservation Center visit NYwolf.org. 


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