A beautiful day on the Hudson River turned into a scary situation for one local kayaker.

First Responders Rescue Kayaker from Hudson River

The weather has taken a turn for the better here in the Hudson Valley with the rain at bay, for now, and temperatures reaching the mid-70s. A local kayaker took advantage of the fantastic weather back on Friday, April 26th 2024, and headed out on the Hudson River.

Unfortunately, around 12:21 pm Beacon Fire Units along with help from Beacon Volunteer Ambulance, Ambulnz,  New Hamburg Fire, and City of Newburgh Firefighters dispatched their boats after they received a call for "an overturned kayak with victim in the water."

First Responders Get a Helping Hand From Bannerman Tour Boat

In a statement released to social media Beacon Professional Firefighters IAFF L-3490 explain that Rescue Engine 33-15 responded to the area of Dennings Point in an "attempt to obtain visual confirmation of the victim."

At that time, Ladder 33-48 and Engine 33-16 arrived at Long Dock Park to establish a command post and to also locate the victim from a different vantage point. Rescue Engine 33-15 spotted the victim in the water "clinging to a kayak approximately 200 yards offshore" near Dennings Point.

Along with the rescue teams, a Bannerman Island Tour Boat was nearby and "assisted in securing the victim with a throw ring" until Newburgh's boat could make contact with the victim.

Beacon Professional Firefighters, Facebook
Beacon Professional Firefighters, Facebook

Thankfully, once the victim was reached, they were transported to Long Dock Park where EMS was waiting. The kayak victim refused medical attention.

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