I don't understand, am I doing something wrong?

Over the course of the last year or so I've noticed that anytime I drive at night in the Hudson Valley at least one or two cars going in the opposite direction flash their high beams at me. At first, I thought it was other courteous drivers warning me that there might be a police officer hiding on the side of the road but after it happening almost every time I drive at night, something has to be wrong.

It's happened to me driving on Route 9 in between Poughkeepsie and Wappingers Falls, and most recently anytime I'm on Route 9D in the Beacon, Wappingers Falls area every car I pass BLASTS their high beams at me because I think they think I have my high beams on.


You know that person who forgets to dim their lights when a car is coming in the other direction, I'm writing to let every driver know that I'm NOT THAT GUY!!!...LOL! Yes, I am the guy who leaves his car unattended at the gas pump while I go inside and shop but I always lower my lights when cars are coming at me.

I think the type of headlights my SUV has on it is the reason this happens all the time. They are those really bright LED type of lights and if you've ever passed a car with the same headlights they are kind of blinding. So let me say I'm sorry for blinding you if we pass each other on any road in the Hudson Valley.

Let me also let you know that blinded driving will soon be a thing of the past because just the other day the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has approved lights being called "adaptive driving beam headlights" on new vehicles according to the Associated Press.

Adaptive Driving Headlights

These fancy new headlights will have LED lamps that will focus on areas of the road that are the darkest including the driver’s lane and areas along the roadside. The new lights will also "dim" when there's oncoming traffic.

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