According to Neighborhood Scout, your chances of being the victim of a violent crime are 1 in 179, versus the rest of CT, where your chances are 1 in 558.

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I wanted to use Bridgeport as an example for this topic and see where it goes. There are no current plans for the Disney corporation to do anything that involves Bridgeport, but wouldn't it be cool if they did? 

Disney announced this week, that it will develop residential communities throughout the country, utilizing the talents of their employees or "Imagineers." They plan to found resort-like towns with community centers and activities.

Disney reps made the announcement on Wednesday saying their first community will be called "Cotino", and it will be located in Rancho Mirage, California. Cotino will feature a 24 acre grand oasis lagoon, shopping, hotels and dining according to Forbes. They are calling the revolutionary movement "Storyliving by Disney."

In Rancho Mirage, your chances of being a victim of a violent crime is 1 in 425. So, my question is this, why not intentionally revitalize a community, in need, rather than polish an already safe and thriving city?

Look Disney, you want to impress me, turn Bridgeport around. Have your Imagineers turn Statford Avenue in Bridgeport into the movie set from Beauty and the Beast, then come see me.

I just can't applaud another resort city unless it has a mission or an eye toward social change. I also don't know if I'd want to be neighbors with the person who is obsessed with Disney, so much, that they need to live in a Disney community.

When I get home from work, I like to go inside my place and put my feet up. The Disney neighbors may want to chat about things in a really kind and joyful way. I find people who are too happy and chatty to be unsettling. Basically if you're too forward and nice, I think you have severed heads in your basement.

P.S. I want to be fair to Bridgeport and say I only know what I read, I have no sense for your city or your community pride. I needed to pick a city, and chose yours to ask my question. My home city of Danbury is too small, so you got the short end of a hypothetical stick.

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