Ok, I know this year has been like no other, but now here we are in 2021. So since we're not seeing as many people as we may have in the past due to the pandemic, I wonder if the same rules apply as to when you're suppose to stop saying "Happy New Year"?

Now, this Happy New Year thing is nice, but it does get old pretty quick. Every year I go through this same dilemma, how long do I have to say it?

If I don’t see someone I know until February, should I wish him or her a Happy New Year, or is that too late?

A few years ago, a friend of mine (who I see a few times a month) and I decided to say it to each other all year long. It became a fun joke and we really got some strange looks from people especially when we ran into each other six or seven months into the year.

Now I’ve done some research and found these answers to this old age question:

  • The rule of thumb is Jan. 6.
  • After you have already wished that person a Happy New Year.
  • A few days later is okay. Anything after that, it’s over with.
  •  After the second of January. 
  • Depends on when you see the person. Mid-Jan seems to be the cut off for that as well

So, it seems like early or the latest mid-January is the best time to knock this Happy New Year thing off.

More practically, how about if we all agree to only say it for the first two weeks of the year … deal?

Some witty politician should lobby congress to make this a new law and get it on the books. This way we’ll all have to watch out for the Happy New Yearpolice if we slip up after the 14 day limit.

Hope this blog stimulates a little conversation as we head into 2021 together, and oh by the way, “Happy New Year!” 

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