It is very obvious that local businesses are taking a huge hit during this pandemic our country is facing, and a lot have had to unfortunately shut down after not being able to financially make it through.

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Barstool Sports owner, Dave Portnoy, decided to come up with a relief called "The Barstool Fund" where small business owners can submit an application to be apart of it through their website, and the Barstool Fund will provide them with the financial relief they need to keep their business open through the entirety of the pandemic. This video explains exactly what the fund is all about:

WARNING: Explicit Language

Does that not bring an immense amount of tears to your eyes? This is the perfect example of using your platform in the most powerful way possible. Three Connecticut businesses have been chosen so far to be apart of this fund.

The first Connecticut business was Red Rock Tavern in Hartford. They were established over 80 years ago and they are noted as the oldest bar/restaurant in the city that survived prohibition and had been named "Hartford's best neighborhood bar". To watch their entry video, click here.

The next Connecticut business is Laskara Restaurant in Wallingford. They offer a Mediterranean cuisine. Dave took to his Instagram to post Laskara's initial video post as well as their reaction when they found out they were officially apart of the fund and will have financial relief throughout the rest of the pandemic.

The most recent Connecticut business to make it to the Barstool Fund is Piggy's Café in Hartford. On the Barstool Fund website, Piggy's Café is a bar and café that features a relaxed atmosphere. For the full reaction video, see here:

What an amazing thing to see and to be apart of. So far, Barstool Fund has helped over 72 businesses, raised over $17 million, and have had over 138,000 supporters. To be apart of this movement, click here.

What a way to start the New Year for these businesses. It is so heartwarming to see the initial reaction of all the business owners. If your heart isn't already full, here is a video of many of the business owners' initial reactions while getting the news:

I can sit on this all day, but I'm so happy for all of these small businesses, and I hope we can see more Connecticut businesses added to the list. Stuff like this brings so much hope for a great year.

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