So are you one of the many people in the Hudson Valley who has been hearing loud bangs or even something that sounds like an explosion in the middle of the night? If you are, the good news is you aren't hearing things, and no your neighbors aren't blowing things up. What you may be hearing is a Frost Quake.

Over the last few days, people have reported hearing loud noises in the wee hours of the morning that are similar to an explosion. I myself have been woken up by my house making loud noises that I fear were my pipes bursting. Luckily, it was not my pipes but it was definitely my house reacting to the weird weather we have been experiencing.

Loud Over Night Hudson Valley Noises May Be Frost Quakes

If you are like me, until this morning, I had never even heard of a frost quake. I follow a Facebook group where someone asked about a loud explosion they heard in the middle of the night. Many people reported that it was most likely construction. But at 3:30 AM I am thinking No that is not the answer. Then one person posted an article from Popular Science about Frost Quakes.

Why Do We Think the Hudson Valley is Having Frost Quakes?

Of course, as always there were folks who said it wasn't cold enough for that to happen, but I would reply to that "have you been outside at 3 AM lately? It's Cold!" So after reading how frost quakes happen, I think frost quakes are the answer. Check out this Youtube video. It describes our recent Hudson Valley weather conditions to a tee.

Proof of Hudson Valley Frost Quakes

The video explains that frost quakes don't leave any evidence. However the other day I happened to notice that almost overnight all the roads I travel seem to have more potholes. It was like they popped up overnight. Water freezing then melting then refreezing causes Potholes, Frost Quakes, and things to go boom in the night.

Potholes form because water locked inside the porous asphalt freezes, often multiple times over the course of a winter, and causes the blacktop to break up. (Popular Science ).


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