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Let me start out by saying I'm a HUGE dog lover. I've had dogs my whole life and we have always treated our dogs like royalty. Any dog we had received the best medical care, food, toys and our undivided attention constantly. However, we never made anyone else uncomfortable with their presence or behavior.

Lately, it seems like dog owners put their dogs needs first at the expense of others (I'm just going to come right out and say it, sorry). I've seen it a ton recently, people will allow their dogs to jump on others even after the person has asked them to stop, the world stops for their dog and some owners allow their dogs to go to the bathroom everyone and DON'T CLEAN UP AFTER THEM.

I understand that when nature calls you have to go, but the dog's owner should really be prepared to clean up after them.

I was driving around the other day and noticed that someone in Orange County has taken the matter into their own hands.

What sign have people been noticing a lot in Newburgh, NY?


The sign says "Don't leave your dog poop. Show just a little class!!!"

Before you go and say I didn't mention the address...I did it on purpose, not the point. The point is, is the sign too harsh or is this the right thing to do? There's a pretty even amount of people on either side who back up both sides of the argument.

People are getting a bit crazy with how they treat their pets and it's no surprise that people are taking a stand when it comes to this. I think we will be seeing a lot more of these signs throughout the Hudson Valley as time goes on. It's fair to see we all need to respect each other, our spaces and our animals....so lets work on that.

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