You helped us show the doubters that we are here to stay!

Back about a month ago Jess and I told you about a meeting we had with the higher-ups here at the Wolf and during that meeting one of the "suits" commented that there was no way they (us) could ever get 50,000 people to become part of our listener family (we call it the Wolf pack!).

We both took that as a challenge and that was when we started to offer up our services to you in hopes that if we did something for you you would be willing to do something for us. Become a Wolf pack member for life.


"We'll Do Anything"

For the entire month of May, we simply asked, "What can we do for you?" A question that thousands of people answered throughout the month. People asked us to mow their lawn (DONE), Groom their horses (DONE), bottle-feed their calves (DONE), come served ice cream at an ice cream stand (DONE), and send them to a couple of concerts this summer with transportation (DONE).

Others asked for things that came with a price tag, fill up the car with gas (DONE), buy them coffee for the week (DONE), advertise their business (DONE), detail their car (DONE next week), powerwash their house (DONE next week), bring lunch to the office for them and all their coworkers (DONE), and help with the laundry by buying them a new washer and dryer (DONE)! Yes, those were just about all of the things we agreed to do this month to get that Wolf pack number to 50,000!!

How Big is the Wolf Pack Now?

We have reached the end of "We'll Do Anything" (for now), and wanted to thank the well OVER 50,000 people that have now asked to be a part of the Wolf pack family. We not only hit the 50,000 mark but we blew past that number by so much that I can almost guarantee that we will be able to do this again soon. It's all thanks to you, so THANK YOU and thank you to everyone who asked us to do something.

As much as we would like to have been able to do everything that was asked of us, it would have been impossible, but know that we did keep track of everyone's "ask" and if an opportunity comes up where we can do it, we will!!

One last thank you to the Wolf pack members that helped in spreading the word about the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show. Your support means everything to us and it's our pleasure and honor to be able to wake up with you every weekday morning!

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