One of the Hudson Valley's biggest summer attractions is set to open and before they open their gates, I've been told that I won't be welcomed this year.

The folks at Splashdown Beach are ready to open the gates and start welcoming guests on Saturday, May 28th at 10 a.m. according to their website.

It's an exciting time for water park lovers and personally, over the years I've always looked forward to packing the kids in the car a few times in the summer at spending the whole day riding the rides at Splashdown.

For me, this year looks to be a lot different than in years past. This year it looks like I'm not allowed to go and ride any of the rides! No, I haven't been banned from the park by park owners, but I have been told by my 16-year-old daughter that I'm not allowed on the park's premises.

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Why I Can't go to Splashdown

This year, my daughter has decided to get a summer job and you guessed it, that job will be covering the lifeguarding stations at Splashdown Beach. As a parent, I'm beyond proud that she has decided to enter the workforce but now that she has, I can't hang out in the wave pool or ride the halfpipe at all this summer.

After she completed her lifeguard training, I picked her up, and as she was telling me about it and I told her that when her brother and I go to the park this summer we are going to find her station and pretend like we need help to see her in action...LOL! I was joking of course but by the look on her face, after I said it, she didn't find it funny at all.


I tried to explain to her that's something I would never really do but she made me promise that I wouldn't spend any time at the park when she's working this summer. Being a man of his word, "I promise to NOT go to Splashdown when she's working!"

It's now in print so I will stay true to my word but do invite everyone to head to Splashdown at some point this summer and when you do, please be extra nice to the lifeguards.

Splashdown will be open weekends through June and then operate every day of the week throughout the summer.

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