If you have some old photos of the Danbury State Fair, Connecticut's only zoo has put out a request for a photo of their giant cow.

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Beardsley Zoo, which is celebrating 100 years in business this year, has been home to a big cow for a long time. It stood outside of their New England Farmyard for the past 40 years, and prior to that, the big cow was part of the collection of statues that were part of the Danbury Fair collection. As with everything, 40 years of Connecticut weather outside in a zoo took its toll on the statue, and the Beardsley Zoo recently sent the big cow statue out to be completely refurbished, which you can see in the above and below photos.

Beardsley Zoo via Facebook
Beardsley Zoo via Facebook

The sparkling new Big Cow was just delivered back to the Zoo this morning, thanks to the generosity of a local dairy owner and zoo patrons, who came through with around $6,500 for the fix. Now that the mission of refurbishing big cow is complete, the Beardsley Zoo would like to show off the history of their big Bessie, and show how far along it's come.

So, if you have some old photos of the Danbury Fair, take a moment this weekend and see if you can find one of the big cow. If you do, send it to info@beardsleyzoo.org. There's also a Facebook post from them that you can upload your photo directly to. Take a peek if you have a moment, I'm sure it will make their day.

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