An Urgent Weather Advisory has been issued from the National Weather Service which remains in effect until 5:00pm.

Here's what you can expect: a mix of snow, rain and sleet today with total accumulations of 2 inches. Northern Fairfield may see 5 inches of the white stuff.

But wait, that's not all...

The computer thingies (that's a tech term) that tell us about weather say that we should get accumulations of ice (oh how amazingly fantastic) of maybe 1/10th of an inch. That may not seem like a lot but do we really need a lot of ice to cause major issues? Nope, that little coating will be a pain in the...uh, well you get the picture.

The Winter Weather Advisory goes on to say that the expected falling frozen stuff that I'm sick to death of with result in difficult travel conditions and even reduced visibility. In other words, STAY OFF THE ROADS if you can.

And please be safe!

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