Federal data has established that there was an earthquake this morning in Westchester County that was also felt in the Greater Danbury area and Putnam County.

It was tracked as a 2.2 magnitude quake and occurred at 6:14 am five kilometers northwest of Lake Mohegan according to NBC 4 NY. People flooded my Facebook and Twitter feed with reports from all over the Hudson Valley that they felt shakes and heard booms. The National Weather Service has confirmed that it indeed was an Earthquake.

Some people reported saying it sounded like a large truck, snowplow or even thunder. There have not been any injuries reported from the incident yet anyway.

This local quake comes on the heels of a bigger distant quake, which registered at 6.4 magnitude approximately 21 km north northeast of Hualian, Taiwan yesterday afternoon. With that earth quake there were at least six deaths reported and dozens of people have been reported missing.

Thank goodness our quake was minor and, not nearly as strong as that one!

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